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Fitness Pilates, Cardio, HIIT, Abdominal Meltdown, Yogailates, Stretch and relaxing classes...
Choice of exercise classes either in a group or on-line.

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Hello, my name is Caroline Fullerton.  I live in Wythall with my husband Ray, daughter Aine and dog Archie.  I am originally from Birmingham but lived in Ireland for over 10 years where I decided to turn a keen interest in fitness into a career and it was the best decision I ever made.  I am passionate about health and fitness and believe healthy living is a lifestyle but it doesn’t have to dictate everything you do.


I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor/coach. I have over 20 years fitness training experience and I hold an NCEF (National Certificate in Exercise level 1) and NCEF level 2 (Personal Training qualification).  I am also a Level 3 qualified Fitness Pilates Instructor and hold certificates in Les Mills Body Attack, Body pump and Body Balance, Boxercise, keiser Spin and Aqua. The programs I am teaching at present are Fitness Pilates and Lift Lean.

I really believe in fitness and wellbeing and making sure you enjoy the classes which are currently online but I will keep you informed of when and where you will be able to attend a class (if you wish).

As a professional fitness trainer my passion is to guide my participants towards a healthier lifestyle.  Everyone is unique, with their own strengths and limitations.  I am here to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

Thanks for visiting my page and please subscribe below.  If you have any questions, please email me.



Anne P

After attending Caroline's Pilates classes for many years, I still get as much satisfaction doing them as I did when I first started. The great thing about the classes is that the exercises vary with each one, her instructions are always very clear and she encourages you to challenge yourself. I am surprised how much I can achieve with my body now, thanks to Caroline.



Fitness Pilates is a group or on-line class that focuses on body as a human kinetic chain.  I apply the fundamental Pilates Technique.  We aim to off set musculoskeletal imbalances, improve posture, movement, mobility, flexibility, core strength, and mental cognition.
I work with all levels of participants and will always give out options.

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Lift Lean is a program of home strength training with a gentle approach to nutritional guidance. You will be put into a Private group on Facebook so only that group will be able to join in the live classes, videos and coaching.  

It is a weight bearing program where we either use your; Body weight, Free weights, Kettle bells, Barbell, Dynobands, or any other form of resistance to help strengthen your muscles and bone density.  It also can help with prevention of onset Osteoporosis.  All you need to do is 10-20mins a day for great results. This program is especially great for women going into Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post Menopause, Hysterectomy, Hormones and menstrual cycle related.

These classes will improve:

- Wellness and positivity

- Bone density strength which women loose through menopause.

- Your metabolism so you will burn calories for hours after.

- Mental health & positivity.

- Brain cognition - increases you Serotonin and Dopamine (happy hormone)

- The stress levels

- Sleep and wellness

- Muscular definition

- Overall healthier living

In this program you will receive 4 Live classes a week. 

Live coaching weekly on various subjects ie. womens health and wellness, Sleep, healthy eating and meal receipes.

Being part of a group, will help you, become more accountable and will definitely help you to reach your achievable goals.

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Get in touch and start your fitness journey today


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